All quiet in the vineyard

The vineyard is very quiet in the winter.  The vines are dormant and resting.  This is shaping up to be one of the warmest, driest winters we’ve ever had here.  By now, we usually have had several inches of rain, and we’ve had none, zero, zilch.  It’s not too late in the season for us to catch up and get to average rainfall for the year, but while it’s been lovely to spend time outdoors, it sure isn’t good for the crops.


Bad bee news

We came home after two weeks away for the holidays and were devastated to find that the bees in two of our three bee boxes were dead.  The honey was gone, much of the wax for their comb was gone, and the bees were gone.  We found several dead wasps on the bottom of the boxes.  We are so sad that our little bees did not survive, and are at a loss as to what may have happened.  We have our theories, but they are only theories.  The remaining box of bees seems to be thriving (see above), and we hope they continue to do so.


Falling back

Tonight, before we go to bed (assuming that is before 2 a.m.), we set our clocks to “fall back” an hour so that when we wake up tomorrow morning, we will be all set for standard time.

Although the first day of autumn was technically Friday, September 23, it is when the days get shorter, nights get longer, leaves turn colors and we fall back, that the end of summer finally becomes real.

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