Howling winds

Odd photo, huh? Well, this is hoping to indicate what happened to our olive harvest this year. It was pretty much decimated by a huge windstorm that blew through on the first of the month. Winds that were clocking in at 80 miles-per-hour knocked off about half of our olives, which is what you are seeing on the ground in this odd little photo. This was going to be the first year we harvested our olives to make Trueheart Olive Oil. The harvest is scheduled for late this month.

The good news? Our grapes are harvested, crushed, and are busy fermenting.

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We loaded three (plus) tons…

and what will we get?  About 150 cases of delicious wine we hope!  Harvest of our ’11 Petite Sirah began this morning around 7:30, and it was gorgeous out.  We finished picking the 6,562 pounds of grapes by 12:30.  Now, for the crush!


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Trueheart Vineyard ’09 Petite Sirah is officially released!

Last night’s release of our delicious ’09 was a big hit. We were one of six vintners who participated in Enoteca Della Santina’s “Small Vinter’s Roadshow.” Each vinter was allowed to invite a few friends, and the Enoteca invited their wine club members, so the turn out was big. It was fun meeting other small winery folks from the area, and we had a great time meeting the invited wine-lovers. We got great reviews for our wine, and the fact that the Della Santina Restaurant provided the perfect food accompaniment (wonderful, tasty ribs) among other appetizers, helped us sell several bottles to new fans.

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