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What is your favorite poem?


Do you like poetry? What is your favorite poem? The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry and Wild Geese by Mary Oliver are two of my favorites. I love that reading poetry makes me slow down. There is no way to really read a poem quickly, you have to quiet yourself to enter the new language and find meaning. It’s sort of like yoga for the mind.

If you haven’t yet, you might consider subscribing to The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor. As a fan, I receive a jewel of a poem  in my inbox everyday, along with fascinating, deep and wide-ranging “on this day in history” nuggets.

This poem that arrived in my inbox the other day, and it took my breath away:

In your next letter,

                                       please describe
the weather in great detail. If possible,
enclose a fist of snow or mud,

everything you know about the soil,
how tomato leaves rub green against
your skin and make you itch, how slow

the corn is growing on the hill.
Thank you for the photographs
of where the chicken coop once stood,

clouds that did not become tornadoes.
When I try to explain where I’m from,
people imagine corn bread, cast-iron,

cows drifting across grass. I interrupt
with barbed wire, wind, harvest air
that reeks of wheat and diesel.

I hope your sleep comes easy now
that you’ve surrendered the upstairs,
hope the sun still lets you drink

one bitter cup before its rise. I don’t miss
flannel shirts, radios with only
AM stations, but there’s a certain kind

of star I can’t see from where I am-
bright, clear, unconcerned. I need
your recipes for gravy, pie crust,

canned green beans. I’m sending you
the buttons I can’t sew back on.
Please put them in the jar beside your bed.

In your next letter, please send seeds
and feathers, a piece of bone or china
you plowed up last spring. Please

promise I’m missing the right things.

by Carrie Shipers from Cause for Concern

It reminded me of my grandmothers, their pies, homemade noodles, poppyseed rolls, and their meals that usually included gravy, of growing up in the Midwest, of bitter cold but beautifully harsh and barren winters, of walking up and down miles of corn fields when I worked as a detassler as a teenager, of my mother’s passion for good cornbread (and how she liked hers cold, broken up and in a bowl with milk), of the thriving farms that used to border my hometown of Madison, WI but now lie quiet and useless beneath seas of condominiums and planned communities. I think it’s beautiful.

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Desert Get-Away, Palm Springs, Avalon Hotel Palm Springs, senior travel

Get-Away to Palm Springs

Avalon Palm Springs Hotel, Desert, Palm Springs, Trueheartgal

Avalon Palm Springs Hotel

We just got home after a quick get-away to Palm Springs, and it was heaven. Rain has blessed us here in the wine country, but as welcome as it has been, it was nice to get away to some sunshine and warm weather.

Getting away for even a few days is always such a nice way to reconnect with each other. We are away from our daily stressors, patterns and our home. When we are away, life reverts back to just the two of us, like it was when we were first dating. We have been blessed with a wonderful relationship, but get-aways always helps us reboot. We are extra nice to each other, we make the time to talk about our dreams together, we laugh more easily and everything seems more romantic.

We stayed at the Avalon Hotel Palm Springs. It was hip, our room was comfortable and every single member of the staff was delightful. (The staff told us that the rooms will be redecorated sometime soon. The owner’s wife will be doing the redesign. Who is she? The mega-famous style-maker, Kelly Wearstler, so expect BIG things. I’m already eager to come back.)

Avalon Palm Springs Hotel, Palm Springs, desert get-away, Palm Springs hotel

Our room.

During our short stay, we had drinks and appetizers, one dinner and two breakfasts at Chi Chi’s, the Avalon’s super casual restaurant. All our meals were superb. The menu is focused on healthy, unusual, Latin-based fun food.

Avalon Palm Springs hotel, desert get-away, Palm Springs, Trueheartgal

Having a drink at Chi Chi’s bar.

Avalon Palm Springs hotel, Palm Springs, desert get-away, Trueheartgal

Outdoor lounge.

Avalon Palm Springs hotel, Palm Springs, Desert get-away, Trueheartgal

Yup, those little oranges are ripe, and sweet.

Avalon Palm Springs hotel, Palm Springs, Desert get-away, hip travel, senior travel, Trueheartgal,

Afternoon light through the palm trees.

Avalon Palm Springs, Palm Springs, Desert get-away, senior travel, senior get-away, Trueheartgal

I love the mountains that rise out of the valley floor like magic.

Avalon Palm Springs hotel, Palm Springs, senior travel, desert get-away

The adult pool.

Avalon Hotel, Palm Springs, desert get-away, senior travel, hipster grandparents

In front of Avalon Hotel Palm Springs on our fun, romantic desert get-away.

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Last Minute Holiday Gifts, Trueheartgal. Aziz Ansari's hit show Master of None, airing on Netflix.

Last Minute Holiday Gifts


Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas, Trueheartgal,

Aziz Ansari’s hit show, Master of None, showing on Netflix.

Are you still looking for something special for someone special? Here are some very last minute holiday gift ideas

Print a photo printed on a wood panel at Walgreens or a print at CVS and stick it in a frame, or make an album. Both have same day pick up, and coupons make each imminently affordable.

Purchase Adele’s new album, 25, on iTunes.

A six-month Netflix subscription for $39.95 will give your special someone access to fabulous TV shows like Master of None, Narcos, Orange is the New Black, as well as current and classic movies.

Cooking classes you can do together. I bought a two-day basics class for me and Mr. Trueheart at our local cooking school, Ramekins, and we had a blast. There are probably good offerings in your area, just do a quick search.

Gift cards: Amazon (where you can everything in the world), Sephora (a mega make-up store), Starbucks (’nuff said), iTunes (movies, TV, music, podcasts), Etsy (homemade everything).

This Wisconsin girl loves a delicious Kringle. My Mom sent one to each of her brothers which will be delivered on Christmas Eve, and I asked my brother for one this year.

A hand-written love letter. It’s a dying art form, which is an all-out tragedy. Beautiful letters are forever keepsakes. Use beautiful paper, use your best handwriting, and make sure to give yourself time to think. Write from your heart.

A list of what you treasure about your special someone. A few years ago, one of my dear friends gave me a little heart-shaped wooden box that contained little strips of paper that she had typed out what she liked best about me. Little things. Little things that makes us each so precious and unique. I gave one of these lists to my sister a few years ago, and my niece gave me one for my 56th birthday.

Gift certificates for your special services. A massage. A clean house. Babysitting hours. Running an errand. Wash the car. Walk the dog. You get the idea.

How about scheduling a $25 photo shoot at Blink? This photo studio schedules ten-minute sessions for only $25. Your proofs will upload to your account immediately, and you can order prints for $10 each. Right now, they are only located in Corte Madera, in Marin County, California but they are opening new stores soon. I brought my niece and her best friend the other day and they loved it, and gave me photos for use as gifts.

Now… back to wrapping.



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